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CES features devices to track and save energy at home

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Excellent. Tools like this save money and save energy. Everybody wins.

Jan 07, 2010

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show is showcasing  new devices to track and save energy at home, an area of growing interest as President Obama embraces a smart grid for the United States.

Home Energy Manager, which will help consumers track and save energy at home, was unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show. It was deveoped by Direct Energy, Lennox International, Whirlpool Corporation, Best Buy and Open Peak.
Of particular note is the prototype of the Home Energy Manager (HEM), unveiled today in Las Vegas. It tells consumers how much energy they are using, which appliances are consuming the most and how much it is costing.

HEM  features a touch-screen dashboard, with an iPhone-like interface, that allows users to  program their appliances to run at certain times and to avoid energy consumption during peak periods. It also provides access to news, social networking, music and movie applications.

“The Home Energy Manager has the potential to do for home energy management what the iPhone did for communication,” says David Dollihite, vice president of product development at Direct Energy, in an announcement.

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January 7th, 2010 at 9:22 pm