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U.S. turns to Sweden as model in nuclear waste storage

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Yes, it is difficult to see how the Obama administration is being so supportive of nuclear energy with those loan guarantees, and yet oppose Yucca Mountain, and have no clear plan regarding what to do with the waste from new or existing nuclear plants. There’s an editorial today in the Columbus Dispatch arguing the similar sentiments.

While progress here has lagged, the Scandinavian country has successfully chosen a site for a geological repository after including citizens and local government in the discussion.

By Margot RooseveltFebruary 21, 2010

If the United States is at a loss over what to do about nuclear waste, it may be time to check out the Swedish model.


The Scandinavian success comes in stark contrast to efforts in the U.S., where spent nuclear fuel rods have remained for decades in temporary storage at power plants around the country. Meanwhile, Congress has debated where to bury them, decided on a repository under Yucca Mountain in Nevada, and then changed its mind.

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