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Fowler diving headfirst into renewable energy

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Here’s an update on a very early post on this site. The town of Fowler, Colorado, has a diverse and integrated strategy to gain energy independence while saving money. Great stuff.

Posted: 04/18/2010 01:00:00 AM MDT

Updated: 04/18/2010 08:56:58 AM MDT

Wayne Snider, a former Grumman Areopspace executive, is now the Fowler town administrator. He’s standing in front of what used to be the Park Elementary school, built in 1905, which will soon house the city administration offices, the library and the police department and will be run by solar power and use geothermal exchange for heating and cooling. (Joe Amon | The Denver Post)

One source of renewable energy Fowler is planning is an anaerobic digester that will make methane from manure at the Rocky Ford feed yard. (Joe Amon | The Denver Post )

FOWLER — Like many a town on the Eastern Plains, this farming community has seen better days, but now it has a new plan. It is going to disappear — from the electric grid.

If all the town’s plans — and there are many — come to pass, Fowler will generate its own electricity, biofuel and manure-based gas; and an empty canning plant will turn into a new solar-panel factory.

At a time when a raft of public officials, including President Barack Obama and Gov. Bill Ritter, are calling green and renewable energy a key to rejuvenating the American economy, tiny Fowler is making itself a full-scale test case.

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