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President Obama reaches out to Republicans to get new energy legislation

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WE’VE ALREADY said that President Obama’s State of the Union address didn’t convince us that he had a real plan to improve the tone of politics in Washington. But on energy, Mr. Obama did reach out to Republicans — not just rhetorically, but with substantive concessions meant to revitalize a foundering legislative effort.

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Grassley: Energy bill likely in 2010; cap-and-trade unlikely

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It is a fascinating time to be alive. There are so many different directions these pieces of legislation can go, and any movement will affect our pocketbooks as well as larger issues of the environment and resource availability for generations to come. As Grassley begins what could be a tough fight with Democratic candidate Roxanne Conlin, it will be very interesting to hear what the people of Iowa, an agricultural state with strong interest in these matters, have to say about them.

By Michael O’Brien – 01/12/10 11:49 AM ET

The Senate will move on energy and environmental issues in 2010, but not cap-and-trade legislation, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) asserted Tuesday.

Grassley said that the Senate is likely to take up an energy bill, perhaps including a renewable electricity standard, but not the controversial emissions reduction system approved last year by the House but left undone by the Senate.

“I think you can expect everything but cap-and-trade,” Grassley said in a conference call with agricultural reporters. “I think it’s fair to say that there will be an energy bill taken up.”

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