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The Potential for Celluloisc Ethanol in Brazil

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Jaime Finguerut, director of CTC, the private research center that is without a doubt the most advanced of its kind in the world, discusses the potential impacts of and probable time frame for the arrival of cellulosic ethanol in Brazil.

He explains that the impacts of their cellulosic ethanol production, just starting with the cellulose left over from sugarcane refining, have the same potential as the vast oil reserves recently found off the coast of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. He believes the first commercial refinery will be producing as soon as 2012.

This interview is conducted amidst the backdrop of the U.S. reducing its own cellulosic requirements from 100 million gallons to just 6.5 million gallons. The government made the reduction in recognition that the ability to produce ethanol from biomass is simply not ready for market.

Many, such as Dr. Finguerut and others in the U.S. and Brazil, are optimistic that the technology is right around the corner. They may be correct. I’ve also often wondered if the engineers working on hydrogen technologies in the 1970’s would also have said that the technology is close to being ready, right around the corner.

I’m hopeful that plant cellulose and other abundant materials will soon be efficiently convertable to forms of energy usable for transportation fuels and electricity. In the meantime, rather than pinning our hopes on as of yet impractical energy sources, we should work diligently to use less energy, giving these technologies time so they can provide power for generations to come.

Jaime Finguerut


O etanol de 2a.geração é o pré-sal da cana-de-açúcar

(2nd generation ethanol is the pre-sal of sugarcane)

(Pre-sal is the name commonly used for the vast oil reserves recently located off their Southeastern coast. Some Brazilians believe they’ve found Saudi Arabia off the coast of Rio. They may be correct, and if, in the next 10 years, as experts believe, technology can be developed to extract the oil  from 5000 m below the surface of the ocean, through perhaps 1000 m of rock salt, it will have a profound effect on oil supply in general and the Brazilian economy in particular. Dr. Finguerute is comparing cellulosic ethanol with this petroleum. He is not a man prone to hyperbole, so this is very interesting.)

O Centro de Tecnologia Canavieira, conhecido no País pela sua sigla CTC, com sede em Piracicaba, interior paulista, pretende ter em funcionamento, em 2012, sua usina de produção de etanol de 2ª.geração, que tem o mesmo valor para a cana-de-açúcar, que o pré-sal para o petróleo no Brasil, disse o gerente de Desenvolvimento Estratégico Industrial do CTC, Jaime Finguerut, em entrevista exclusiva ao INFOENERGIA. O cientista brasileiro mostra muita confiança e satisfação com o desenvolvimento do etanol de 2ª.geração, chegando a afirmar que com o conhecimento que se tem da produção do etanol a partir da cana-de-açúcar, nosso produto será de melhor qualidade, “sem dúvida alguma”.

A seguir a entrevista com Jaime Finguerut.

Como está o desenvolvimento no País do etanol de 2ª. geração?

Read the entire article here.

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May 20th, 2010 at 10:43 pm