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I have just finished teaching Bioenergy Systems (FSHN 595) at the University of Illinois, a graduate level course that covers a different aspect of bioenergy each class, from the field through the refinery, as well as relevant economics and policy issues. An outline for the course is below.

Now, as I finish my field research in Brazil in the Spring and continue writing my dissertation, I’m seeking permanent employment in the energy industry, helping firms and communities to use the expanding suite of energy resources more efficiently. I will finish my PhD in July, 2010, and am ready to begin working even now as I write my dissertation.

I hope to draw upon my understanding of bioenergy and continue learning about other energy resources, including fossil fuels, nuclear power, and other alternatives. It is only when we consider all of our options that we can provide the greatest value to consumers. In doing so, we must also keep well in mind the needs of future consumers, making certain that we do not sacrifice their opportunities.

Please feel free to contact me if you know of relevant job opportunities.

Bioenergy Systems: FSHN 595, ACES 409

Syllabus – Fall, 2009

Dates Topics (Speaker)

August 25    Introduction and Overview (Blaschek & Barton)

August 27 Energy fundamentals (Barton)

Sept. 1 Soil ecology and the nitrogen cycle (Barton)

Sept. 3 Agronomy of bioenergy crops (Guest)

Sept. 8 Crops, feedstocks, and harvesting   (Barton)

Sept. 10 Land use, crop allocation, and distribution (Barton)

Sept. 15 Ethanol from corn and sugarcane (Blaschek)

Sept. 17 Lignocellulosic biomass to ethanol   (Blaschek)

Sept. 22 Engineering yeast for biofuels (Guest)

Sept. 24 Economics of bioenergy (Barton)

Sept. 29 Economics of bioenergy II (Barton)

Oct. 1 Waste and co-product utilization, e.g., DDGS (Guest)

Oct. 6 Bio-butanol and the ABE fermentation (Blaschek)

Oct. 8 Biodiesel from waste streams (Guest)

Oct. 13 Physical and chemical processes (Barton)

(thermochemical conversion, gasification, etc.)

Oct. 15 Exam I (Barton)

Oct. 20 Energy Farm Visit (Guest)

Oct. 22 Genomic-based tools for bioenergy (systems bio) (Guest)

Oct. 27 Life cycle analysis (Barton)

Oct. 29 Strategies for bio-products production (Guest)

Nov. 3 Systems informatics and analysis (Guest)

Nov. 5 Downstream processes for product recovery  (Guest)

Nov. 10 Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology (Guest)

Nov. 12 Legal aspects of bioenergy (Guest)

Nov. 17 Comput. tools for bioenergy (modeling, simulation, GIS)   (Guest)

Nov. 19 Bioenergy policy issues (Barton)

Nov. 24 Holiday

Nov. 26 Holiday

Dec. 1 The Federal Perspective for Biofuels (Guest)

Dec. 3 Environmental Implications of Bioenergy (Barton)

Dec. 8 Commercialization of bioenergy technologies (Guest)

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November 10th, 2009 at 9:22 pm

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  1. Jason, looks like you’re back in Denver for a while at least. I am intrigued by some of your work and would be interested in getting together for a cup of coffee in the near future. After many years in software, I am now working on several ideas in areas that I think are much more important long-term – sustainability and energy independence. What does your schedule look like over the next couple of weeks?

    Michael Acosta

    15 Jan 10 at 4:33 am

  2. […] not. I can definitely appreciate his forward thinking, as well as him coming to speak to my class at the University of Illinois, but even he will admit that these fuels are a bit farther away than this article […]

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