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Energy Storage Tech Must Improve for a Clean Energy Future

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These energy storage technologies are so important to the energy matrix we’ll be seeing in the coming years. The huge advantage of coal, natural gas, hydroelectric dams, and nuclear is that they deliver consistent streams of energy into the grid.

Solar and wind simply cannot mass their consistency. But if battery technology can improve (right now it is highly inefficient (link to article explaining this), it will allow us to rely much more heavily on those variable power sources.

As Gov. Granholm discusses, perhaps one of the biggest advantages is the boon to our economy as we become more self sufficient for our energy needs, creating jobs here at home that have been lost in places like the auto industry.

Keep innovating, Michigan.

Gov. Jennifer M. Granholm

Gov. Jennifer M. Granholm

Governor of Michigan

Posted: September 14, 2010 07:06 AM

Shaping America’s Clean Energy Future

Livonia, Michigan. Home to over 100,000 citizens, great schools and parks, one of Michigan’s best burger joints (Bates Hamburgers) — and now home to North America’s largest advanced battery plant, further solidifying Michigan’s position as the advanced battery capital of the world.


It’s great news for Michigan. It’s great news for American manufacturing. And, perhaps most importantly, it’s great news for our nation’s energy future, helping to ensure that we don’t replace our current dependence on foreign oil with a dependence on foreign batteries. No other place in the country is doing more to lead the advanced battery industry than Michigan — and it’s paying off, through innovative public-private partnerships like the one that caused A123 to center its U.S. manufacturing in Michigan.

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