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Kerry and Lieberman Release Energy Bill

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This looks to be a fairly pragmatic approach, though without a single Republican backer it may be a moot point, which makes me think Dems are only releasing it to campaign on it this fall, claiming Republicans won’t work with them on important issues. We’ll see.

The most disappointing aspect of this bill, from what little I’ve seen, is the lack of attention paid to energy efficiency and cutting energy use.

By Anna Fifield in Washington

Published: May 12 2010 18:01 | Last updated: May 12 2010 18:01

The Senate’s long-awaited climate change bill was finally unveiled on Wednesday, setting out sharp cuts in the US’s greenhouse gas emissions, but without the Republican who had been providing much-needed bipartisan support.

Democrat John Kerry and Independent Joe Lieberman presented a draft bill that offers major new incentives for nuclear power, coal, natural gas and offshore drilling, even as the BP oil spill makes supporting oil exploration politically difficult.

The draft, however, includes several new protections against oil spills, including one that allows states to veto drilling plans up to 75 miles from their shores or if they stand to suffer significant adverse impacts in the event of an accident.

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May 12th, 2010 at 9:22 am