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Iran Seeks Importation of Brazilian Ethanol

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How does Iran have a gasoline shortage? It’s likely that their drive to export petroleum, due to higher prices abroad than are available internally, has led to the domestic shortage. This is similar to what many people in Brazil fear: If the U.S. lowers our tariff on imported ethanol, Brazil will export too much and not have the capacity to meet domestic demand for a vehicle fleet that is currently powered by about 50% ethanol. Interesting.

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Brazzil Magazine reports that the Iranian government may import Brazilian ethanol to circumvent a U.S. trade blockade, as Iran is facing gasoline supply shortages.

The magazine cites Brazil’s minister of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade, Miguel Jorge, who reportedly led a trade delegation to the Middle East.

Jorge and the Iranian minister of Industry and Mines, Ali Akbar Mehrabian reportedly met Tuesday in Tehran, which included a meeting between Brazilian and Iranian executives.

BM reports that the purpose of the mission was to attract Iranian investment in Brazilian ethanol and agriculture.

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April 16th, 2010 at 8:27 am